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Cinderella: Grimm vs Disney

Cinderella was my favorite Disney princess when I was little, and it was obviously a part of my childhood –and of your childhood too, admit it. Disney stroke again sugarcoating another wicked story by the brothers Grimm. We all know what happens in sweet Disney's version, but what is the TRUE story, the one the Grimms first wrote? I consulted with my dear friend Huffington Post again, this is what I found:

 In the Brothers Grimm version, one of Cinderella's evil stepsisters cuts off her toes, and the other her heel so they can both fit into the tiny glass slipper. The prince is notified by little doves that there is blood on the shoe, and finally discovers that the true owner is Cinderella. Once the stepsisters realize that they should try to win favor with Cinderella (after all, she will be queen), they attend her wedding, only to have their eyes pecked out by birds. Did they deserve it? I'll let you decide, reader.
SOME OTHER SIDENOTES ON THIS STORY: Cinderella doesn't have a fairy godmother. Rather, she plants a tree by her mother's grave and prays under it every day. She finds her dresses to wear to each ball under the tree (there are three in the story, not one like in the movie). She is still helped by animals, though specifically birds, not mice. Also, she doesn't just lose her shoe because she is in a rush. The clever prince covers the steps in pitch to make her stick to them, but she only loses a shoe in the process.

This will sound terrible from me, but it really wouldn't have bothered me if Cinderella's stepsisters had actually cut off their toes in the Disney movie –not even when I was a kid. But now, unlike me at that age, most children are really sensitive, so it would have been a terrible mistake. Still, Disney managed to capture us with another enchanted fairytale. As I just mentioned, I wouldn't have minded if they had kept it the original way even 

though it is a Disney movie. What do you think of it?
(PS. I especially insist on the original story because of the prince's cleverness in the original story… why did Disney make him such a dull character in the movie!?)

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